Week 14 (5/4-5/8) Instructions

For week 14, you have three primary tasks

  1. Revise, revise, revise those blog posts to get them in the best possible shape. Run a spelling and grammar check; make an appointment at the Writing Center; mess with the font size, style, and spacing to help you get distance from your writing and view it through an editor’s eyes; read (or bribe a family member to read) your post aloud; exchange final drafts with friends from our class (or another class); download Grammarly and thank yourself later — do whatever it takes!
  2. Post your final project to our course website by your assigned due date/time. Don’t forget to add a featured image, so I can compile them into a collection (instructions in lecture #2). 
    1. Group 1 (Acevedo-Hallman): 4 pm on Monday, May 4
    2. Group 2 (LeTourneau-McCarthy): 4 pm on Wednesday, May 6
    3. Group 3 (Oakes-Zimmer): 4 pm on Friday, May 8
  3. For the two days your post is not due, read your classmates’ posts and leave a comment on at least one. I ask that you complete the two comments by 4 pm on Monday, May 11. You might also try to share the love — if one project receives many comments, try to leave a comment on a different one. You are, of course, welcome to comment on as many as you’d like. 

As described on the assignment sheet, extra credit will be awarded to those who email me an audio recording of you reading your final draft aloud to catch mistakes in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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