Final Assignment Instructions

Hi all. Here are the assignment sheet and rubric for your final project.

Rough Drafts

A complete rough draft of your final project is due by 4 pm on Friday, April 24. Please paste a link to a Google Doc next to your name in this document. The document should be set to “Anyone with the link can comment.” 

Group Conferences

For this assignment, you will sign up to meet with me in small group conferences via Google Hangout. Each conference is 45 minutes. You may sign up with whoever you like. Please come prepared to discuss your essay and with any questions you have regarding the assignment. When you are ready to attend your conference, the Google Hangout link is here.

Peer Review

For this assignment, you will give feedback on two of your classmates’ drafts by 4 pm on Monday, April 27.

You will be reviewing the two drafts BELOW yours in this document. Instructions for reviewing your peers’ drafts are in the Google Doc in the righthand column “Peer Review Doc.”

Feedback from Prof. 

Please email me a link to a revised draft of your post by 4 pm on Wednesday, April 29. This should be as polished and close to a final draft as possible. Students who would like feedback earlier (especially those in group one!) are welcome to submit drafts earlier. 

Final Drafts

Your final drafts will be posted to our course website as blogs. The class has been divided into three groups, each with a different due date. 

  • Group One (Kianna, Hailie, Claudia, Sam B., Gabriele, Gabby, Katie): post to website by 4 pm on Monday, May 4
  • Group Two (Marian, Noel, Alaina, Alice, Mikey, Megan, Kelly): post to website by 4 pm on Wednesday, May 6
  • Group Three (Sam O., Savannah, Emily, Brooke, Keira, Roshawna, Kara, Cody): post to website by 4 pm on Friday, May 8  

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