Lessons from Audre Lorde

In Spring 2020, SUNY Cortland students in Prof. Savonick’s seminar ENG430 spent a semester learning about Audre Lorde, a self-proclaimed “black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet.” In this collection, the students share what they learned during our semester together.

Emily Sietsma
Audre Lorde: Breast Cancer Through a Feminist Perspective
Samantha Brigandi
Adrienne Rich, Audre Lorde and the Lesbian Art of Survival
Savannah Pearson
The Power of Black Feminism in the Face of White Patriarchy
Kara Waddell
Isolation and Intimacy in Audre Lorde's Teaching
Megan Mau
The Power of Sisterhood
Alaina Losito
Women Need Other Women to Survive Spiritually and Mentally
Alice Luo
Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Truth
Kelly McCarthy
Natural Beauty of a Lesbian Relationship
Keira Sullivan
Surviving Together: Lessons from Audre Lorde
Kianna Acevedo
The Cancer Journals as a Feminist Text
Roshawna Thomas
Speak UP & Speak OUT
Hailie Addison
Audre Lorde’s Power of Connecting Communities
Gabriele Burhans
Facing One's Fears
Katie Hallman
Audre Lorde Teaches us to Survive Quarantine
Claudia Benito
Solidarity vs. Medical Racism
Cody Zimmer
The Uses of the Erotic in the Professional Setting
Mikey Marinelli
Difficult Dialogues and Emotional Expression in Audre Lorde's Life and Work
Samantha Oakes
Audre Lorde’s Experience of Surviving as an inspiration
Marian LeTourneau
The Power of Zami
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